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    Dave Fogel
    Service was quick. I got exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted. I will use it again!
    almost 2 years ago
    Landon Ainge
    I bought both airpods and workout pants for prices that I WAS COMFORTABLE WITH. I think that's the best part of this app - I get to determine MY COMFORT LEVEL and the brand then chooses if they agree. It's awesome.
    almost 2 years ago
    Eris Vogue
    A new fun way to get your dream item at your (fair) price. My first order took a day to be accepted, (saved 39%) and as soon as I got the order confirmation, the shipping was impressive fast (1 day) I feel like a kid with a new toy ready to explore all possibilities
    almost 2 years ago
    Anthony Florindi
    The bid concept is so easy to use. You don't need to worry about someone outbidding you.
    almost 2 years ago
    Sara Neely
    To be honest I was skeptical of Buyr at first, but after receiving my item I have nothing but good things to say! I got an amazing deal on a snowboard and then returned to buy some new bindings as well. I could not be happier with my savings/experience and Buyr is definitely going to be my first stop for all my future online purchases!
    almost 2 years ago
    T. McGuire
    Sold me item from a retailer that they didn't have. Lied and said it shipped but just created a label. Tied $150 of mine up for 12 days. Sent me a big long message about how it was lost it the mail but it was never in stock or tendered to usps. Will not be buying on here again you can find absolutely everything this site has on eBay or Amazon cheaper. Don't belive me search "nike air force ones 07" you can get them from nike themselves for $115 or for $399 or less! But name your price! Hahahah also they pay everyone $10 for reviews so it would be foolish to think all these reviews are legit. Response for below: No sorry 1 star reflects your business and the problems it caused me. Being friendly does not operate an efficient business so verifying your retailers would be a good idea. You say they "forgot" to ship it when in fact they never shipped it because they didn't have it. Instead of a refund I needed the pants for a ski trip. Not for someone to lie to me and say it's lost in shipping when it was never tendered to the carrier. If it was tendered to the carrier show me proof it was. So your customer service did absolutely nothing but 1. Could not fix the mistake 2. Tied my money up for almost two weeks 3. wasted my time it took to deal with this so yea 1 star doesn't even seem right because I don't even see where you earned the 1.
    almost 2 years ago
    Chris Muscat
    Buyr is a bit of a mixed bag. You can get some really good prices. However, only if you're willing to deal with average customer support and not always getting the matched price they claim is ready for you. I think it's worth a shot, I may just be one of the few with bad experiences.
    about 2 years ago
    Julie Birdnow
    This was a great way to shop! Naming my price gave me a great deal! I had to exchange for a different size and that process was smooth! I recommend using!
    about 2 years ago
    David Newell
    I've purchased a few times through the Buyr process with great results.
    about 2 years ago
    Jarrod Cook
    Had a slight issue applying a discount but customer service resolved it quickly!
    about 2 years ago
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